A Note for Nature Lovers in Scotland

Nature Lovers in Scotland

Driving through the hills yesterday afternoon I was struck with how lucky we are in Highland Perthshire to have such a diverse and impressive range of flora and fauna at our fingertips. It really is a favourite part of my job that we get to share these treats with travellers, tourists and curious locals every day. To have the opportunity to see rare wildlife from the comfort of an off road vehicle can certainly be a highlight of people’s holidays.

A snap survey of Highland Safari staff came up with the following Top 3 wildlife to spot in our local area over the summer.

  • 1. Red Deer Stag. It might seem like an obvious choice to make this our first selection but the majestic stag goes hand in hand with the Scottish Highlands. These amazing animals have graced our shores for 10,000 years and as our largest wild land mammal are a must see for anybody venturing into rural Scotland.

    For a chance to meet up close - www.highlandsafaris.net/red-deer-centre/

  • 2. Ospreys. Perthshire is lucky enough to be one of the hotbeds of Ospreys in the UK. They migrate back from Africa late March and will be looking to make the return flight back in the next two weeks. They choose places with an abundance of clean water and a good supply of fish and the vast water network of Loch Tay with its salmon and trout population seems to tick all the right boxes for these impressive birds of prey.

  • 3. Red Squirrels. The red squirrel is the smallest animal in this selection but perhaps has the biggest character. Their bushy tails and tufted ears are instantly recognisable, should you be lucky enough to see our native species of squirrels they will amaze you with their speed and agility, dancing from tree to tree.

So what lies in the future for our local wildlife? It is fair to say that the animal population of Scotland has changed dramatically in its history, this is due to many reasons – the decline of native woodland, the changing use of land and hunting.

This may be set for another change, in recent years we have seen the reintroduction of the European beaver and the White tailed Sea Eagle. Although their introduction met opposition, the fact remains that the numbers of these species have thrived. There may be further “rewilding” of Scotland, estates such as Alladale in Sutherland have been great advocates of reintroducing species such as the Lynx, Bear and Wolf which all used to roam in Scotland’s rugged landscapes.

At Highland Safaris we are always more than happy to offer advice on where to spot wildlife and what wildlife may be around at whatever tie of year you come to visit. Our staff all have a passion for natures and the outdoors – come along and pick our brains for some great ideas on how to get up close and personal with nature.

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