A Safari Into The Blooming Heather

Blooming Heather

Watching the hills turn from shades of green and brown to a rich, vivid purple is one of the great joys of the Highland summer. The heather blooms for a few weeks from July into August, and the wild hill landscape comes into its own.

Guests on our hilltop Safaris at this time of year have a unique experience. The hill hums from dawn to dusk with honey bees hard at work, making the most of their short season. We are very fortunate to be at the heart of Perthshire, one of Scotland’s premier areas for pure heather honey production. We have recently learned that most honeys such as Manuka are often a mixed bag of various plants, but that Heather Honey is pure, and we can certainly testify that its wonderful strength and aroma is the essence of the Scottish Moors.

These images, captured by our award winning Safari Ranger George McDonald, show the heather at its peak, and a rare find of white heather that a keeper or walker would traditionally stick in his cap for luck.

George and his fellow award-winning Safari Rangers are celebrated for their knowledge and comprehensive commentary on the seasonal wildlife and landscape features of the hills, as well as relating the history, heritage, geology and geography of the area. The spectacular views over Strathappin change weekly, and the precious weeks of blooming heather are an annual favourite among Rangers and guests.

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