A Winter's Tale

Highland Winter

January has given us everything we love about a Highland Winter. For 2 weeks the Dawn chorus was framed by crystal clear skies and the rolling Perthshire Mountains were standing proud in all their snow laden beauty.

In these conditions our Safaris are exceptional.

Perthshire Mountains

Our Kilted Safari Rangers are all highly trained to cope with the winter conditions and teamed up with a Land rover they can traverse the mountainous terrain so you can see for yourself the magic that winter brings to the wild lands surrounding Highland Safaris. Of course the adventure would not be complete without relaxing in one of our Mountain Bothies. Stepping into these havens of warmth and comfort, you will be transported to another time where people lived in the most remote reaches of Scotland. Our Rangers will regale you with tales of the area whilst you enjoy a warm cup of tea, a slice of shortbread and a wee dram of local Dewars Whisky, the perfect winter warmer!

Of course, you don't have to travel in a Landrover to see the delights of Highland Perthsire. Highland Safaris is nestled within the heart of this glorious land and we are always delighted to welcome visitors into our cafe and shop. Venture out to the Red Deer Centre and feed our herd of majestic Red Deer, walk round the discovery trail to take in the views or simply nestle next to our peat fire and indulge in our home baked cakes.

For all the information you need you can visit our website - www.highlandsafaris.net or get in contact by sending an email to info@highlandsafaris.net or calling 0187 820071.

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