How to respect Scottish wildlife when motorhoming this summer

Here at Highland Safaris & Red Deer Centre, we understand there is truly no better feeling than taking to the open road with a fun-packed adventure trip ahead of you and if you’re planning to visit us this year, then we look forward to welcoming you through our doors very soon!

With Scotland home to over 90,000 species, it has a truly rich and diverse wildlife that attracts millions of visitors each year. Scottish animals have the liberty of roaming wild and free but, sometimes these animals can make their way on to country roads – particularly in the quieter Scottish Highlands.

So, if driving a larger vehicle, such as a motorhome, it’s worth taking extra precautions on these roads. It is easy to get distracted by Scotland’s magnificent landscapes. Make sure to keep an extra eye out for animals journeying across roads. Also remember to:

Use official campsites or overnight parking areas

When travelling in a motorhome, you will want to cause as little disruption to the natural order of things in Scotland’s landscapes. For this reason, it is always advised that you use official campsites or overnight parking areas when setting up camp for the night. Doing this will help to preserve Scotland’s natural landscape for generations to come and reduce as much disruption to wildlife as possible.

There are thousands of official campsites across the country, complete with facilities and docks for your motorhome, too!

Highland safaris although having no service facilities welcome motorhomes on a limited basis and have overnight parking for self contained motorhomes with a cafe onsite for breakfast. Pre booking is required though.

Be sure to leave no trace

One of the most fundamental rules to enjoying Scotland’s outdoors is to respect your surroundings. 98% of Scotland’s total landmass is rural and inhabited by our wildlife: we must be careful to protect their homes.

With that, you will want to ensure you are disposing of your waste correctly at a designated waste disposal area.

Take a look at the Scottish Outdoor Access Code to better understand the local areas you’ll be visiting.

By following these simple steps, not only will you help to sustain our bonny country, but you will also allow us to provide exhilarating and inspiring experiences for years to come.

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