The Summer Safari

Summer Safari

Summer is a special season at Highland Safaris. We love the atmosphere summer brings with happy people gathering in our grounds to go on Safari, enjoy lunch in the sun or to visit our Red Deer Centre; there is a real buzz!

But what is the best way to experience summer in Highland Perthshire? We have selected 3 exceptional experiences for you, so no matter what you are after – stunning scenery, relaxing on holiday or a bit of adrenaline – you will not be disappointed!

The Sundowner Safari

Our flagship seasonal safari will leave you speechless...

Nothing can prepare you for the beauty, peace and tranquillity of our hills and glens on our Highland Perthshire Estates at dusk; the fading light offering amazing photo opportunities. Seeing the evening light from a remote spot 3000' up is the highlight of our very special Sundowner Safari. In the company of an experienced Safari Ranger, this mountain environment offers a chance to witness amazing highland wildlife.

The serenity and sheer magnificence of this vista will become an everlasting memory.

Loch Tay Safaris

Loch Tay Safaris

This year we launched Loch Tay Safaris, a unique and exceptional cruise on Loch Tay that combines the history and heritage of the area with the natural beauty of Highland Perthshire. Our brand new boat, Iolaire, is a great way to see Perthshire from another perspective, our live commentary will thrill you as you pass by ancient settlements, forested shores and some of the largest mountains in the UK. Iolaire is a fast and comfortable cabin RIB making her warm and dry to travel in no matter what the weather brings!

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Biking at Highland Safaris

Biking at Highland Safaris

Highland Perthshire has exceptional cycling to offer, with routes to suite everybody’s ability. It is a fantastic way to get around the countryside and you can often end up in special places that nobody else goes, making relaxation and connecting to nature effortless! For those of you who would like the rush of adrenaline on your holidays we also have our Biketrax skills loop which is perfect for all ages. You can also take out one of our excellent hire bikes and explore the local area at your leisure. For the more adventurous biker you can go on one of our Biking Safaris - get transported to the high tops in one of our landrovers and get “dropped at the top”!

Biking Safaris

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