Autumn in Perthshire

Autumn in Perthshire

As the nights start to draw in and thoughts turn to Halloween and ultimately Christmas, nature has one last bounty for us to enjoy and immerse ourselves in - The Autumn Colours of the trees.

An early start is recommended during September and October, the Lochs are at their warmest and as the temperature drops at night, the mornings are misty and flat calm, sometimes it’s difficult to spot where the water stops and the hillside starts. These mornings are the perfect time to join us on a Loch Tay Safari.

The trees around Highland Perthshire are already starting to turn to the characteristic golds, browns and reds of the season. First are the birch trees, swiftly followed by the Beech trees with the Oaks and Aspens to follow – it is always worth looking to spot a Chestnut Tree with its magnificent red leaves whist out and about, perhaps collecting some of the fruit to play conkers later.

Driving down the A827 on the way towards Loch Tay gives us the most beautiful views at any time of year but during Autumn they are at their most spectacular. The Tay Forest Park around Loch Tay has many different species of trees all starting to display their amazing Autumn colours, driving down the hill into Kenmore affords some amazing views over Loch Tay and a passing glimpse of Taymouth Castle; the ancestral home of the Earls of Breadalbane, between the trees. The surrounding woodlands are a haven for nature for everyone to enjoy, they provide space for Squirrels and other animals, there might even be a chance of a glimpse of shiny red fur during a drive along the road.

Autumn in Perthshire

Take some time to stop at the loch side layby the east end of Loch Tay to marvel at the view down the loch looking towards Ben Lawers and Meal Greigh. In front of you there is the Isle of Spar giving you one of the most iconic views of Loch Tay. To the right is Kenmore village and the beautiful kirk. It is always worth spending some time wandering around the village and taking a short walk over Kenmore Bridge, which itself offers another great viewpoint over the loch and Queen Sybillia’s island and the old castle gardens full of trees from around the world. Each type of tree adds its own colourful addition to the unfolding autumn scene in front of you.

Joining your cruise on Iolaire our custom built cruise boat you will depart Kenmore and head over to Queen Sybillas island taking in the colourful autumn views of Drummond Hill in front of you, the highlight of this is the old Arboretum to the castle with the tall pine trees from around the globe standing out green against the autumn colours of the other trees. Every bit of the surrounding landscape is ablaze with colour. Being at loch level gives you unrivalled panoramic views in every direction.

Arriving at the village of Fearnan lets you see the extensive Beech Woods to the west of the village which will be almost glowing in yellows and rustic red at this time of year. Swinging over to the south shore the large windows from Iolarie afford you stunning views over the large expanses of Birch, Oak, Alder and Beech trees planted on the shore and hillside. Turning to your right you will see the foothills of Glen Lyon and the stunning colours on the high mountains and wooded valley.

Autumn in Perthshire

Heading east back towards Kenmore you will be looking down the Tay Valley at the wide strath and Kenmore Bridge. You may just catch a glimpse of the top of the church tower as we head back into the mooring, surrounded with blazing oranges and yellows.

If you have time why not combine your cruise with a short walk up to Black Rock viewpoint for spectacular views over the village and the Castle. Who knows you might even see a fleeting sighting of a Red Squirrel or Roe deer? Walking this route will be guaranteed to give you an appetite, so why not visit the café at Highland Safaris for a quick bite and hot Glen Lyon coffee.

A day in the Kenmore and Highland Perthshire in Autumn leaves the senses tingling, alive with the scents of the forest, the water and the trees and is the ideal place to get back to nature and explore an area less well trodden.

New for 2020 we will be running weekends through November and December as well as festive sailings from the 27th of December.

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